Panarea – trips by land

what to see
Opposite the small port the S. Pietro hamlet starts out, made up of a myriad of white cottages. From S. Pietro following the road south  you arrive in Drauto.
Here a path starts which leads to the small Capo Milazzese promontory where the prehistoric VIth – VIIth B.C. Bronze age village lies. It is located in the Calajunco district, marvellously enclosed among the rocky cliffs.
Descending from Drauto towards the Castello district you arrive at “il Timpone del Corvo”, the highest summit on the island. With its height of 421 metres it offers a splendid scenic view of the nearby rocks dotted along, with Stromboli in the distance. Leaving from S. Pietro towards the north  you reach Ditella from where a path starts leading to the Calcara beach, noted for its harmless fumaroles.
Near S. Pietro behind Punta Peppe e Maria there is the soothing hot water (50 C) thermal spring which is used therapeutically by the islanders, to cure rheumatic ailments.

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