Walking & Hiking in Lipari

For nature-lovers, the Aeolian archipelago offers great possibilities. In fact, in these islands there are rare species among the animal and vegetable kingdom. The alert observer can collect examples such as those which allow plants to survive in extreme climates, without water and with excessive light and heat.

Characteristic is Mediterranean vegetation which consists mainly of oleander, myrtle, heather, broom, oak, and prickly-leaf plants. Moreover, the aromatic rosemary and thyme shrubs are not to be forgotten.

The countryside vegetation is characterized by olive and vine cultivation for the most part abandoned; of Mediterranean vegetation, which predominantly makes up the island vegetation in the higher areas.

Walking therefore allows the visitor to collect a more complete image of this fascinating archipelago and its unforgettable heritage. Until the mid 900s Lipari was cultivated even in the most inaccessible areas: a tight network of paths emanating from the inhabited areas criss-crossed the island.

There were also minor roads and tracks which were used by numerous pumice workers to reach obsidian quarries. The arrival of tourism and the almost immediate abandoning of agriculture for other work, signalled the fall into disuse of most of these tracks. Their traces are hidden beneath the vegetation.

All the pathways are easily walkable; it is advisable to choose the early morning hours.

Among nature and history
(21/2 to 3 hour walk)
Departure: Castellaro; Arrival: Pianoconte.
Crossing the “O Castiddaru” vineyard you arrive at Caolino quarry. After stopping at the small church from which you can take in a picturesque view of Salina, Alicudi, and Filicudi, passing “A terra ca fuma” and “U Svaratu du tufu”, you arrive up to “Punta o Palmitu”. Arriving almost at the sea you meet the remains of the old “Du surdato Saracinu” guard tower.

The landscape is rich in dwarf palm trees; here you may be in the company of large buzzards and ravens. Then following towards S. Calogero you can admire “A Petra O Vagnu” and “O Cola Ficu”. At the S. Calogero spa baths a visit to Tolos Miceneo, constructed 3,500 years ago, and the Roman swimming pool is extremely interesting. Following the road that leads to Pianoconte, we suggest a final stop at the “Fuardo” lava flow and its ancient well.

Nature Path
(1 to 11/2 hour walk)
Departure: Acquacalda; Arrival: Quattropani.
The pathway is very scenic, following it you can in fact enjoy impressive views of at least 5 islands: Alicudi, Filicudi, Salina, Panarea and Stromboli. At the end of the path, a must is a stop at the Greek-style Madonna della Catena church.

Nature walks
(2 to 21/2 hour walk) Departure: Capistello; Arrival: “S. Bortolo du Munti” church.
The path runs along a still unspoiled part of the island. From the geophysics observatory a splendid view can be admired of: Vulcano and its craters, “A Praia i Vinci’ and “I Faragghiuna”.

From the S. Salvatore church, following towards “U Vurnazzu” you can come up beside “U Vadduni U Cuccu”. The path allows you to enjoy a scenic view up to “Fossa u Munti”, one of the island’s craters cultivated in vines. Passing the ditch, it is possible to admire a view of Lipari’s inhabited centre. Your arrival is scheduled at the “S. Bartolo du Munti” church. You could then continue your route to the wonderful, quiet “Valle Muria” beach, where remains of Roman water tanks are still visible.

To the pumice and obsidian flows.
(2 hour walk)
Departure: Canneto (Calandra); Arrival: Lami.
The pathway is not one of the easiest but it leads to a wonderful place. This is the island area with the highest number of inactive volcanoes, covered in Mediterranean vegetation and vineyards. Passing the Madonna del Rosario you arrive at “U Cavadduzzu a Rina”, from where you can admire the splendid lava flows that push down to the sea, Stromboli, Panarea and its tiny islands.


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