Filicudi – undewater excursion

La Grotta dei Gamberi, Notturna a Filicudi, la Secca dei Sei Metri
La Grotta dei Gamberi
We are in the wide Filicudi bay where the ferry boats dock, also known by the name Filicudi port. Proceeding towards Capo Graziano point a large white painted mark is evident on the rocks. Over this limit you enter in the archeological area where diving is absolutely forbidden. You dive into the water and swimming perpendicular to the coast after a few metres you arrive at the edge. The atmosphere is rather spectacular, dominated by the vertical rock which goes down to the bottom in one go. Often large vaults open up in the rock, points in which go down steeply generating spectacular precipices. Now on 40 metres continue swimming towards Capo Graziano where at a certain point you notice that the rocky wall turns markedly towards the right and maintains this path for a few metres before taking up the original direction. Immediately after the first change of direction a long deep vertically developed split opens in the rock, known by the name “Grotta dei Gamberi”.
Le Punte
Coming from Filicudi port and navigating towards the south east you round Capo Graziano. In fact, you go past a rather high and steep stretch of coast which descends rapidly to the sea until it becomes a low rocky platform in the water. Down in the water the landscape in front our eyes is that of a clearing covered in large rounded rocks recovered by a thick cloak of brown algae. At 40 metres the rounded stones become a fall made up of exceptionally large blocks.
Notturna a Filicudi
The departure point is the extreme north west of the bay from the point opposite Capo Graziano. From the concrete pier you can cross on foot the pebble beach opposite the Phoenicusa Hotel, until arriving under the stairway of the hotel’s diving center. Diving right there, going down along the slope you start swimming in the direction of Capo Graziano, following the depth on the right. Arriving at around 20 metres you will be struck by the incredible quantity of Alicia mirabilis (anchovies) examples.

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