Salina Isola Slow

The GOOD, the CLEAN and the RIGHT of the green Aeolian island!

Slow Food is an international non-profit association committed to restoring value to food, respecting those who produce, in harmony with the environment and ecosystems, thanks to the knowledge of which territories and local traditions are custodians!



Slow Food works in 150 countries every day to promote good, clean and fair food for everyone.

capperi di Salina
Salina capers

The local Slow Food headquarters, made up of three communities Salina Isola Slow, Lipari Isola Slow and Ustica Isola Slow thanks to the event by Gusta le Eolie brought many restaurateurs from Lipari and Salina into contact with local producers.


Caper of Salina

A journey through the typical, traditional and good quality products and the wine resources of the Messina province and Sicily.


Salina represents one of the prototypes of the Slow Islands project.

“On the green island” (so called for its flourishing agriculture) the activities revolve around the cultivation of the caper, Slow Food Presidium, the cucuncio and the malvasia vineyards.

Pani Cunzatu

For 13 years the Aeolian island has hosted the Salina slow island event, which promotes local biodiversity and food and wine tourism and celebrates a model in which the beauty of the landscape, sustainable agriculture and the deep-rooted food and wine traditions linked to artisanal fishing become a vehicle of attraction of an attentive and environmentally friendly tourism.


Pollara Salina

The community includes first of all the producers of the Caper and Cucuncio Presidium, the growers of the Malvasia vineyards, but also the restaurateurs oriented to use the products of the island and the Slow Islands circuit in their kitchen, the welcome network and not least the affective residents, that is those people in love with the island who, despite not having the main residence here, marry the concept of Salina slow island and are committed to promoting its visibility.

Information and details of the event: +393404778173



capperi e malvasia delle Lipari

Buy Capers, Cucunci and ‘Malvasia delle Lipari’





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