Stromboli – underwater excursion

la Dorsale della Sciara, la Sciara del Fuoco, Strombolicchio, la Secca di Scirocco

This is an imposing fin which comes out for more than a hundred metres towards the open sea, perpendicularly to the Sciara edge. Following the submerged fin towards the open sea, we discover that from a nearby crest at 45 metres, two peaks rise up: the nearest rises up to a round 35 metres, the other pushing seawards rises up to 25 metres.

The base of the whole structure lies on Stromboli’s muddy sea-bed which descends in an extremely sharp manner. On one side the sea-bed rapidly rises, climbing up to 35 meters at its summit. From here the view is breathtaking: under us opens an impressive precipice which is lost in a pitch black abyss; over our shoulders the gigantic mass of Sciara’s edge impends, similar to an imposing mountain which appears among the clouds.

An impressive wall of black rock. A step towards the deepest and unknown abyss, towards a black sand sea-bed, which steeply stretches away towards depths out of the reach of divers, pointing towards the “Fossa del Tirreno” (over 3,000 metres deep).

Strombolicchio is the rock on which a 50 metre high light-house is built, a mile to the north of Stromboli island. Here we are concerned with exploring a submerged rock slightly detached from the main one, otherwise easily reached during a simple dive going around Strombolicchio.

All the suggested dives around Strombolicchio start from the side which looks onto Stromboli island.

To Strombolicchio’ s south west on a deep sea-bed, just less than 60 metres, the Scirocco Secca rises up. This is an imposing mountain surrounded by a quantity of large rocks rich in fish and spectacular morphology.

All the Secca di Scirocco’s sides are completely coverd with red gorgonia.

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