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A long the 8 km of coastline, there is in fact, a lively alternation of marine terraces, solemn cleft columns, and solidified lava fans.

Among the most important stops is that in the exclusive Calajunco bay, at Panarea’s extreme southern point. Upon completion of the island tour you can head towards the nearby islets and rocks; in particular towards the ancient Roman traces at Basiluzzo and Spinazzola and than towards the other rocks.

il mare di Panarea

A short distance from Basiluzzo you can observe an impressive Roman wreck on the sea bed. A handful of black, red and yellowish rocks dot the cobalt sea: Lisca Bianca, with small underwater fumaroles, Bottaro, Lisca Nera, Dattilo, pyramidical in shape. To the north of Dattilo, the five Panarelli and the Formiche surface, whose waters are favoured by keen scuba divers.


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