Filicudi – trip by sea

The round island boat trip enables you to discover its wild nature.

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The Filicudi coast has unusual beauty: slopes formed by broom-covered terraces, tight valleys, steep cliffs and deep caves, located near Punta Perciato.

Inside the cave the light and the sea’s roar seem to imitate an ox bellow, producing memorable sensations. Not far away in the clear blue water the Scoglio della Canna springs up (85 metres high), beloved by scuba divers for the coral, sponge and underwater lobster fishing. To the north you can admire the spectacular Punta di Zucco Grande, with its 10 layers of lava.

The eastern part is less rugged, blessed with less steep slopes. Among the impressive landscape, we suggest: Punta del Perciato, which has a series of natural grooves forming rocky arches, or the gigantic Rupi della Sciara stones: steep sheer rocks.


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From April to October, routes run much more frequently. We suggest you double-check the schedule a few days before your departure!


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