Lipari – underwater excursions

Punta Castagna

Punta Castagna can be found in that part of Lipari’s coast characterised by pumice caves.

Leaving from Marina Corta or from Pignataro we should head north, rounding Monterosa promontory and follow Canneto’s long beach.

Continuing our path until the point which closes this vast stretch of coast, we find a few metres from the beach, an enormous metal buoy used for mooring boats.

Immersioni eolie

Moored to its ten metre or so high ring  you should not forget to ease back off to the sea, this will avoid that the vessel hits against the large metal float. Coming down from the buoy’s enormous mooring chain until a shallow sea-bed around 10 metres deep, and beyond the white sediment garden, the view appears breathtaking.

You find yourself suspended in an endless abyss where you lose yourself in the intense blue, the contrast with the white volcanic dust which covers everything is violent.

The sea-bed’s morphology is extremely varied: on the sea-bed high-walled valleys, sharpened peaks rise up, running around steep walls.

No mattter how deep you decide to go down you will always have the intense blue below your flippers and you will never see the end of this gulf.

Exteme care should be taken, the sea-bed is always the same, at 30 or 60 metres, the same atmosphere permeates the water’s gloomy colour.


So we again descend along one of the many wide parallel channels and head towards our left. The best level is around 40 metres: not too deep but already rich in Paramunicee fans and thick banks of Anthias. A little higher up; at around 37 metres we find a vertical split rich in shrimps.

Before heading towards this diving point we should however check that sea conditions are good and that they have been in previous days, otherwise we will find the fine sediment which covers the sea-bed disturbed and the visibility will therefore be much reduced.


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