Sudge from Vulcano (temporarily closed)

Warm waters, the mud pool, the fumaroles

Located near the port, there are several areas of natural mud that flow from the subsoil of the island.

People dive into it to benefit it for the skin and the body in general, to benefit the symptoms of bone and respiratory diseases or – simply – relax.

The benefits that can be obtained from the spas and mud on the island of Vulcano are different and concern:


  • Skin problems

  • Joint problems

  • Street disturbances areas

  • Rheumatism

  • Fractures

  • Distortions

  • Muscle strains

For those who decide to spend their holidays here or a healthy weekend, they can choose between free zones (to be used in moderation, if you choose to do it yourself) and are divided into three types.


Warm waters.

Where the underwater fumaroles emit a vapor such as to make this stretch of sea a real natural whirlpool


The mud pool.

Where the waters, with a very high concentration of sulfur, flow copiously fed by bubbles from which sulphurous vapors, brackish water and clay mud come out.

The fumaroles.

Ideal for those who want to try inhalations

Those who want to immerse themselves in a real path aimed at wellness, the ideal option is to contact one of the spas which, based on the diseases and problems, will be able to advise the type of treatment to be carried out.

Among the best known are:

The Spa Oasis of Health. Dedicate yourself to well-being and full of options to choose from, such as massages, the chrome relaxation cave or the whirlpools.

The Baia Azzurra Residence Club. Known for having thalassotherapy sessions and a Turkish bath among its offers.

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Vulcano 98055 Sicilia IT
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