Stromboli trip by sea

Until the end of the first world war, this beach along with that at Scari played host to big sailing ships, which made Stromboli’s merchant port the most important on the Aeolian archipelago.


At the end of the northern side of the island, dubbed Punta Labronzo, the “Sciara del Fuoco” appears, the great black basin into which the volcano’s lava has flowed over centuries.


By night the spectacle of Stromboli in activity can be seen, the flows seem like rivers of fire, while the darkness is illuminated by the burning lava flow.


Often, the crater throws out immeasurable quantities of burning materials which fan out into a shower of lava and meteorites. Following on you arrive at the small picturesque Ginostra village.


Stromboli Island, August 2014, lava flow

The hamlet lies on a vast ampitheatre with its cottages dominating steep cliffs and situated among the olives and Indian fig trees which thrive all over the area.


After Ginostra the cliff edges follow one after the other, alternating between stone landslides and sandy gulleys. Finally, you return to the black Scari beach.


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