Salina trip by sea

Around-island boat trip allows you to admire besides the transparent sea, the charming rocky cliffs shaped by the forces of nature, the pleasant beaches and towns, the typical white cottages lying next to the sea or half-way up the cliffs.

Starting at S. Marina the island boat tour heads north, also Salina reveals its volcanic landscape, across the Scoglio Cacato rugged rocks, and further on, those at Capo Faro and di Torricella.

Leaving from here, the impressive and spectacular glens hug the volcano peaks. Continuing you can reach Punta del Perciato, which is in fact a huge arch created in the promontory by the sea’s force. Immediately next to Perciato you reach the Pollara needles, with many caves. A little further on you round the extreme west of Salina and continue to Rinella.

Finally you meet Punta Lingua, the nearest point to Lipari and completing the tour you return to S. Marina. The sea around the island is plentiful in fauna. “Cicirella” fish, sorrel, anchovies, sardines, and ray are abundant. Fishing for swordfish is practised with excellent results.


Salina ferry schedules

Routes and times updated in real time and refer to the current week.
From April to October, routes run much more frequently. We suggest you double-check the schedule a few days before your departure!


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