Vulcano – trips by land

Following the isthmus of land north separating Porto di Levante from Ponente you arrive at Vulcanello, a small peninsula 123 metres high formed following an underwater volcanic eruption.
The vegetation on this promontory is varied and on the northern part you find Valle dei Mostri, which takes its name from the peculiar forms of lavic rock situated in the middle of black sand and shaped over time by the climatic conditions.

Black sands are found on the island’s most popular beach in the natural Ponente port and is characterised by the fine black sand of volcanic origin. Walking for around two kms you arrive in the Lentia hamlet, positioned on the north west part of the island and from which you can admire Etna and the archipelago islands.

At the start a road takes you up, then a path starts out which climbs up til the crater’s edges. On foot following a northerly direction, Capo Grillo is reached from where the nearby islands can be admired on clear days. A stop in one of the family-run trattoria is advised for lunch based on the local speciality. Finally, following the road which arrives from the plane to the south side of the island, you arrive in the small Gelso village, characteristic for its lighthouse and beach.

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