Filicudi – trips by land

From Filicudi Porto a path sets out which leads to Cape Graziano peninsula.

On Piano del Porto a prehistoric village is situated, where important archeological findings from the Bronze age were dug out. Another more important village, probably of a later period than the former, is on Montagnola hill.

It is composed of about twenty oval-shaped huts on a terrace, in which several native and Mycenian ceramics were found, now displayed in Lipari’s museum.
The village was probably violently destroyed during the XIIIth century B.C. and never again occupied. On Montagnola’s slopes there were some graves (in natural gorges).

On the “Montagnoli di Pecorini” peaks, on the island’s southern coast, you can observe a large stone with a Greek inscription.
To admire a wonderful landscape of the archipelago, it is worth climbing Fossa delle Felci, whose peak can be reached from Valle Chiesa following paths which wind up the mountain.

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