The Lingua civic museum – Salina

The Ethno-anthropological and Archaeological sections are located in the town of Lingua, while in the Museum of Wine, an ancient parmiento (grape press) located adjacent to the Town Hall, the function of the press is described and presented along with some objects used in the processing of grapes for wine production.


The Archaeological section exhibits materials coming from two important sites discovered in the town of Santa Marina Salina.  Numerous clay vases made by hand, stone artifacts, the only bronze sword found in the Aeolian islands, and characteristics large jars that were used primarily to store water come from the Middle Bronze Age village of Portella.


The Ethno-anthropological Museum is located in a house from the first half of the nineteenth century.  The furnu (oven) and an old trappitu (mill) are conserved inside.  Scenes of the everyday life of the Aeolian people from the late 1800’s to early 1900’s are reconstructed in the rooms.

Numerous objects and working tools relevant to fishing and agriculture, including the milling of cereals and the collection of capers, are exhibited.  Photographs and documents regarding the protagonists of the “merchants of the sea”, i.e. of Aeolian trade in the 1700’s and 1800’s, especially of wine, are shown on the first floor, enriched by the presence of model ships from the same era.


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Via Pantano - Lingua
Lingua 98050 Sicilia IT
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