Stromboli island

The furthest and most easterly of the Aeolian islands is Stromboli, which is approximately 22 miles from Lipari.

maps of Stromboli

Ancient peoples called it Strongyle, the rotunda.

It has a 12.6 km square area and approximately 420 inhabitants called Strombolians. Its active volcano is 920 metres above sea level and the sea bed is very deep (1,200 metres).

scritta-stromboliThe island is a volcano which emerges from the sea. The emerged part, in continuous activity for at least 2000 years, formed mainly during two activity cycles. The ancient cycle, composed of solid material and lava fall eruptions, formed all the eastern part of the island. The more recent cycle, composed of mainly lava falls, formed the western part of the island. The present activity is considered as part of the recent cycle.


The crater area is composed of 3 active cones, the volcanic activity of which is prevailingly explosive with showers of lapilli and magma fragments. The lava falls are channelled in a large steep basin towards the sea, called Sciara di Fuoco.
Stromboli is the only volcano in Europe and one of the few in the world with permanent eruptive activity.  At night, its intermittent flares can be seen from great distances. It is for this reason that the island was known since ancient times, “lighthouse of the Tyrennian sea”. The villages are: Ficogrande, Piscità, S. Vincenzo and Ginostra.

The last one is a tiny village of 30 people, not accessible by land,linked to the rest of the archipelago only by sea.

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