The ancient baths at San Calogero – Lipari

Places and the historical image of the Baths of San Calogero on the island of Lipari

The San Calogero baths have post-volcanic origins and are held to be the oldest in the Mediterranean area.

Known to the Ancient Greeks and Romans for their therapeutic properties, the salt-phosphate-bicarbonate-sodium spa waters spring up at a temperature of 60° and in more recent times are used as a cure for gout and rheumatism.


terme di san Calogero

The current complex was built in 1867 and has recently been renovated. The baths are in an archaeological area that bears witness to Lipari’s spa tradition; in fact, there are two baths dating back to the Classic times and another from the Nineteenth Century.


Recent excavations have revealed a Roman swimming-pool with a circular stone seat and a Mycenaean tholos some 3500 years that was used by the Romans as a thermal sauna.


Today it hosts the EcoMuseo della Memoria a reality for the enhancement of territorial identities.


If you wish to learn more about the topic, you can visit the section dedicated to the place and historical image of the Baths of San Calogero on the island of Lipari.



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Loc. Terme di S. Calogero - Lipari Me
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