Panarea: local branch of the aeolian regional archaeological museum

Local branch of the aeolian regional archaeological museum - Panarea

Local branch of the aeolian regional archaeological museum – Panarea

The Museum of Panarea, Detached section of the Museum of Lipari, was inaugurated in the Summer of 2006 continuing the program of the musei d’isola (the museums of the islands), initiated in 2004 with the Museum of Filicudi.


Located in an area constituting two spaces previously used. The first as a depot and the second as a well in use by the church above, Church of S. Pietro, the Museum spans two adjoining exhibition rooms.

The first room has an introductory character and illustrates, via a didactic-illustrative apparatus, the geological, vulcanological and natural environment appearance of the island. In the same room follows the chronological exhibition of some archaeological finds, which date between the Neolitico Superiore.


Panarea, plastic reproduction of the pits found in the area of the Calcara. (First Bronze Age -facies of Capo Graziano, XVIII-XV century. B.C.-) (second half IV millennium B.C.) and the Middle Bronze Age (end XV-beginning XIII century B.C..), coming from the areas of the Calcara, the Piano Quartara and from the village of Capo Milazzese.


The exhibition is also enriched by a plastic replica of wells xxx, riferibili althe First Bronze Age (facies di Capo Graziano, XVIII-XV century B.C.), from the area of the Calcara.

Second room, materials of the Greek-Roman AgeIn the second room is a display of materials from the Greek-Roman Age, among which are fragments of black-glazed pottery and in “terra sigillata africana” coming from the area of the Calcara and objects pertaining to grave-goods coming from the necropolis of Drauto . Of interest is the presence of two inscribed funerary cippi, one of which comes from Basiluzzo, dating between the V and the IV century B.C.


Particularly significant is the evidence from underwater finds to which they refer: the amphorae of Greek-Italian type of the second half IV-beginning III century B.C., coming from a selection of objects seized; black-glazed pottery from the Dattilo shipwreck of the IV century B.C. ; the amphorae coming from the Alberti Shipwreck, from the second half I century A.D. , as well as an anchor stock and three unrelated amphorae.


The actual exhibition is to be extended and completed with an area dedicated to the exhibiton of ethnoanthropological material tied to the history and more recent culture of the island.


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Open to the public from 15/6 to 15/9, everyday from 9.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. From 16/9 to 14/6 visits should be booked the day before. Free entry.

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