Hotel I Cinque Balconi – Salina

The hospitality of an Aeolian family

Located in Via Risorgimento, the main artery of the village of Santa Marina Salina, rich in commercial activities, Hotel I Cinque Balconi is thrown into the sea off the island of Salina, facing east, to the beautiful Eolie’s sunrises, becoming the point observation in the daily life.


The Hotel is within the ancient dwellings of the families of the Merchants’ sea Lo Schiavo and Lauricella, built between the first and second half of the 800, and tells, with original tiles ancient furnace, the economic wealth of the period, embedding itself perfectly in the scenary and reevaluating history traces how the old winery placed in the suite.


The scent of history, felt from climbing the two wonderful stone staircases, which make access to the floor, which are located the rooms marked by some historical details highlighted by subtle lighting effects carefully selected.


The wonderful garden full of citrus and flowers, the proximity to the sea and the center position, and finally make the Hotel I Cinque Balconi an example of rare beauty and unique simplicity.


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Via Risorgimento 36 - Santa Marina Salina ME
Santa Marina Salina 98050 Sicilia IT
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