Stromboli Poi Retreat 2023 with Vojta and Ronan



Learn the signature moves of the legendary Ronan McLoughlin himself! The incredible invention of “contact poi” is attributed to this man. As seen on YouTube with his famous “Learning to learn” TED Talk.
And did you know that Mr. Ronan is also a Tai Chi guru? Well, now you do, but even better, you can also follow his lessons every morning to be grounded, and quiet your mind before it will get totally scrambled up again in the intensive Poi Boot-Camp.

stromboli poi retreat

With the classes of Mr. Poi Prof Stolbenko, you will go on a quest to find your Inner Ninja. You will learn how to get into the flow, so you can express yourself freely through movement with poi. Only by truly understanding the mechanics of poi, you can have the freedom to improvise…

stromboli poi retreat

And to prevent you from only laying on the beach and eating the real Italian Pizza and Artisanal Gelato for the rest of the time, we’ll also throw in some mediocre activities like; climbing one of the world’s most active volcano and having a tour around the island on our private boat.

stromboli poi retreat

Beware, this Poi Boot-Camp is only suited for people that really enjoy spinning things on strings! It does not matter if you just took the first step on the journey to finding your inner Ninja, or if you are a black belt, and belong to the antiques of the high poi society.

Poi boot-camp On an active Volcano

How it all started…

Not such a long time ago, in a land you probably know, there was a boy, that wanted to do nothing else than spin things all day long. He loved it so much, that he practiced all the time because he wanted to learn everything there is to know about this mysterious object called Poi.
One day he decided to make a video, and that’s when something incredible happened… He got over 1 million views on YouTube with his video “The future is Now” which is now the world’s most viewed poi video! He started traveling the world, and making more videos on beautiful places in nature, spinning his poi.

stromboli poi retreat
That’s when he decided one day to climb a real, active volcano for the first time in his life. He was totally overwhelmed by this mystical experience. The sight of the bubbling magma, the fiery explosions that made the ground vibrate and the smoke everywhere made it into an otherworldly experience… From that day on, he climbed many more active volcanoes around the world from Iceland to Africa.

That’s how it all got started, and now we invite you to have this extraordinary experience together. Come, to learn about the mysterious object called Poi and we’ll climb Stromboli together so you can see the enchanting magma flow with your own eyes…

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Stromboli , Loc. Ficogrande ME Sicilia IT
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Stromboli 27 maggio - 1 giugno

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