The Biennale of Filicudi

The smallest Biennial in the world

The Filicudi Biennale was born from an idea by Jaques Basler, Francesco Pessina, Franco Menna and Marcel Cordeiro in the summer of 1995.

Four non-native artists who came to the island separately between the seventies and the late eighties, felt at home here, so much so as to want to share their creativity with all the other artists present every year on the island.

In the summer of 1996, the first independent and self-managed Biennale of Filicudi started at the Basler home / atelier. It will be present to the public for one night, in which works by a group of artists of different languages and disciplines will be exhibited: sculptors, painters, photographers, architects, designers, potters, filmmakers, performers, musicians, dancers … All united in a single collective of professionals, amateurs or creatives at their first experiences, in a unique and shared comparison.

This unusual event will see the inhabitants of Filicudi, art lovers and assiduous vacationers, each time, in a playful, playful and culturally interesting reality.

Among the numerous participants during the ten editions we mention: Ugo La Pietra, Ettore Sottsass, Francesco Pessina, Jacques Basler, Franco Menna, Marcel Cordeiro, il gallerista Massimo Minini, Maria Vittoria Backaus, Stefano Butturini, Giovanni Gastel, Goldshmied&Chiari, Marina Klemente, Francesca Mosconi, Laura Viale, Aurelia Raffo, Franco Raggi, Maurizio Peregalli, Umberto Passeretti, Eliana Lorena, Piero Derossi, Emilio Battisti, Demetrio Nicolò, Giovanni Marconi, Melo Minnella, Clare Littlewood, Lucio Lapietra, Barbara Fiorillo, Mario Bellavista…

The traditional art event, the Biennale of Filicudi, will be held as in the previous edition, at the exhibition hall made available by the Hotel Phenicusa, in Porto.


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Via Porto 7 - 98050 Filicudi Porto ME
Filicudi Porto 98050 Sicilia IT
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The exhibition opening will take place: on the night of Wednesday 19 August 2020, from 9:00 pm, at the exhibition hall of the Hotel Phenicusa, ensuring full compliance with the security protocol in place.

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