Getting around Lipari

Bus di linea Urso

The most used means of transport are 5: buses, taxis, renting a car or moped and … on foot!


The buses in Lipari are minibuses with about twenty seats.

In summer they are almost always crowded and sometimes you will have to make long lines, but the races are very frequent.

The line buses are of the Urso company and the terminus is at the Lipari sub-port.



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The 10 best Taxi in Lipari

Taxi stop at the port and in central places, but they can also be stopped along the road or contacted by phone.

The taxi drivers who work in Lipari are generally courteous and helpful: they can also be ciceroni if you have little time and want to see the island of Lipari in “touch and escape”.

Taxis on average are 7-seater and rates are set by meter, for the most frequent routes there are predetermined rates.

For the tour of the island of Lipari, however, you can contract: we agree from time to time according to a series of variables that can be the season, the duration and the route.


  • Taxi Antonio +393341132477

  • Taxi Famularo  +393393891952

  • Taxi Gaspare +393388110546

  • Taxi Gianfranco +393395776437

  • Taxi Laura +393348867751

  • Taxi Megaservice +390909812989

  • Taxi Melissa +393381692738

  • Taxi Rino +393396996071

  • Taxi Simone  +393333143066

Rent a car or scooter

Renting a vehicle is an ideal solution if you have limited time and do not want to give up visiting all the most famous places in Lipari.


Cars and mopeds can be hired in Lipari and in the hamlet of Canneto.

The rental times vary: from a few hours, for the whole day or for several days and in this case you will also be able to save on the price.


With this solution you will have total freedom and complete autonomy, considering, moreover, that from May to October it is not possible to land means of transport other than residents from the Aeolian islands.


If you don’t have a means of transport, no problem: at the port of Lipari there is no shortage of car and scooter rental agencies (for example):

  • Nautic Center +390909811656

  • Rent Scooter Lipari +390902408779

  • Pit Stop +390909880344

  • Noleggio Foti +390909811370

You will be provided with a personalized map with the areas that can be traveled by car and motorbike.





Porto Sottomonastero, Lipari
98050 Sicilia IT
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