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Eolie Relax Boat – Lipari


Organising an excursion by boat is surely one of the “must do” for a holiday on the Aeolian Islands.

You can rent the M/B Vossia with a captain. On board you can organise a picnic, or stop for lunch in one of the many restaurants in Vulcano, Salina, Panarea and Stromboli

Climbing the Stromboli

The island of Stromboli, one of the seven magnificent Aeolian Islands, is a fascinating destination dedicated to the spectacular eruptions of the volcano.

Enjoy an unforgettable experience with a boat tour to discover Stromboli, relying on the twenty-year experience of Giacomo Lo Surdo and the authorised mountain guides.

Tour & personalised excursions

At sunset Lipari has a special light.

What could be better than exploring the beauty of the Aeolian Islands directly from the sea?

An unbeatable perspective to learn about ancient and wonderful territories, on board of a comfortable boat and entrusted to expert and wise hands.

We invite you to discover it with a boat tour,  while the sun colours with pink and orange the Faraglioni.

Boat tour at sunset

Do you want to create a special occasion for a marriage proposal? Or celebrate an important anniversary?

Book a sunset boat tour with a happy hour, the maximum of romanticism! One leaves from Marina Corta in the late afternoon to sail around the island and stop at the moment of the sunset for a drink.

Dinner in the moonlight in Panarea

Leave at sunset from Lipari to arrive at Panarea when nightfall starts.

Stop for dinner in one of the many restaurants where you can eat typical Aeolian cuisine.

Then return to Lipari enjoying the starry sky over the sea.

Can you imagine a more romantic evening?



Marina Corta, Lipari
Lipari 98050 Sicilia IT
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