Branch of the Luigi Bernabò Brea Archaeological Museum – Filicudi

Branch of the Luigi Bernabò Brea Archaeological Museum - Filicudi

A small museum created in a two-floor house can be visited from July to September (free entrance) in Porto.  Artifacts of the peasant labor that was the basis of the life of the islands until the last century are exhibited on the ground floor in a unique environment.


The first floor houses the archaeological section, which dedicates ample space to the island’s underwater discoveries.


Detached Section of the Museum of Lipari can by now consider itself the Museum of Filicudi, a true and proper model of a museo d’isola, inaugurated in 2004.


Located at the port of Filicudi, in a typical two storey islander house with a view over the prehistoric village of Capo Graziano, the Museum spans five exhibition rooms, four on the upper floor, one on the ground floor.


The first room  that has an introductory character and presents, with visual teaching tools, the geological and historical chronology of the island, the geodynamics and the vulcanology, the evolution of life in an island environment, the conservation and the protection of the biological heritage and the relationship of man and environment.


Room II Room II is dedicated to the exhibition of archaeological finds, dateable to somewhere between the First Bronze Age (end III – first half II millennium B.C.) and the Middle Bronze Age (XIV-beginning XIII century B.C.), coming from the excavations of the villages of Piano del Porto – Filicudi, anchor stocks from various wrecks Capo Graziano, as well as materials from the Greek-Roman Age, that is mainly fragments of black-glazed pottery and fragments of pottery in “terra sigillata africana”, a testimony to a long and continuous frequenting of the island.

Room III is reserved for marine archaeology, with a striking exhibition of transportation amphorae and anchor stocks.


The exhibition of the amphorae includes a Punic amphora of the V century B.C., Greek-Italian amphorae of the IV century B.C. Filicudi, Roman amphorae of the Late-Imperial Age, amphorae of the II century B.C. coming from the shipwreck “A” Roghi, Roman amphorae of the Late-Imperial Age.

Room IV is currently being prepared with an exhibition.

Ethnoanthropological Room On the ground floor, in a sole large room, is exhibited ethnoanthropological material. That is, objects of the material culture of the islands, that is still conserved today on the island.
This features commonly used utensils or work tools, such as a mill for milling grain audaciously reconstructed at the centre of the room, belonging to the domestic, rural and seafaring world typically Filicudian. Objects, freely donated by private citizens of Filicudi, that have known how to scan and characterise, along with the men who constructed and used them, the history of the island.


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Open to the public from 15/6 to 15/9/2013, Everyday from 9,30 a.m. to 13,30 p.m.. From 16/9 to 14/6 visits should be booked the day before. Free entry.

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