The Situation on the Ground on Lipari and the Aeolian islands


Last update: 18 July, 2020

Currently, our local COVID-19 situation is reassuring.


Italy’s national borders are expected to reopen on 3 June, when residents from other EU countries will be able to enter the country for leisure travel without having to quarantine. Visitors from countries outside the EU are expected to be able to travel to Italy from 15 June.


That said, individual regions are free to set their own limits and restrictions on travel; the region of Sicilia will announce at the beginning of June whether or not leisure travel into the region and within the region will be allowed.

At this point, we feel confident that trips planned anytime after the second half of June can be reconfirmed. Keep in mind that travelers will have to reconfirm their flights, as many airlines are operating on reduced schedules and capacity.

The summer of 2020 will be an excellent opportunity to explore the beauty of Lipari and the Aeolian islands without the crowds and snarled traffic that has plagued the area in high season over recent years, so consider a visit this year!


Timetables from 18 june 2020





Siremar ticket office in Milazzo: +390909283415
NGI ticket office in Milazzo: +390909283415


Which Businesses are Open on Lipari and the Aeolian islands

Summer 2020 Travel on Aeolian islands


There are no restrictions on travel to Lipari: after 3 June, travel to the island will be open to travelers from Italy, Europe, and across the globe.


Local ferries are running at reduced capacity to maintain social distancing, so we suggest booking ferry tickets in advance and arriving at the port at least an hour before departure.


Ferry schedules and online tickets


Buses on Lipari, though on a reduced schedule and with limited capacity.

Private beach clubs are preparing to reopen at the beginning of June.

Covid-19 on Lipari and the Aeolian islands FAQ


What happens if I get sick in Italy?

Italy has universal national health care, free for everyone. In some cases, there may be a small copay for services (rarely above a few hundred euro), depending upon the care needed, but no one in Italy, resident or visitor, can be denied health care. If you believe you may have contracted Covid-19, DO NOT GO TO THE HOSPITAL or you may unwittingly spread the virus to others. Simply call the emergency numbers 1500 or 112 for assistance and information on how to proceed. Regardless, as for all travel, we suggest stipulating a travel insurance policy that covers health care and cancellations before departure.


So, what is your advice?

The health of the world is at stake, so right now we suggest cancelling any travel plans you may have and staying home. From May, our advice is to keep monitoring the situation worldwide, make sure to check cancellation policies, stay on top of the travel restrictions in your country of residence, and – when the virus has run its course – finally enjoy the trip of your dreams in Italy.